Portable Disaster Relief Systems

Rapid Deployment

Eco Self Storage (ESS) Mobile container’s design allows for 12 units to be shipped on one truck to any disaster or emergency location for multi-function use. Able to be quickly assembled in 15 minutes by two men results in more time to do the important emergency work, and less time on construction. Our mobile containers can be deployed for Earthquake, Tsunami, Tornado and any other disaster relief efforts.

Key Features

  • ESS Mobile Container’s innovative foldable technology allows for 12 units to be loaded onto one truck, maximizing cargo space and saving valuable time in bringing significant resources to the disaster or emergency location at one time. A parachute deployable model is in the testing stages.
  • Quick assembly in less than 15 minutes by two men with hand tools and a forklift.
  • Interior is more sanitary than conventional emergency relief solutions and easy to clean.
  • Elevated floor is above water and mud, providing a waterproof environment.
  • Sturdy lockable door allows for a secure space suitable for an office, housing, or storage.
  • Optional windows provide a livable space for temporary housing and other uses and our Expansion Kit allows multiple quantities of our ESS Mobile Containers to be joined together to create larger spaces that are secure and waterproof.
  • Can be outfitted in unlimited ways to be customized for any application, including adding multiple windows, doors, electric, plumbing and any other customization.
  • Camouflage or special organizational colors or signage available.
  • Multi-mission capability in one design, can serve as portable field hospital, command center, classroom, secure storage and temporary housing are a few of the many uses in the ESS Response Mobile Containers.
  • Quick disassembly in less than 15 minutes allows for rapid deployment at a moment’s notice and provides a solution for a multitude of different environments at emergency or disaster relief sites.

Competitive Advantages

The ESS First Response Mobile Containers are extremely durable and have capabilities for multiple missions. Rapid deployment of 12 units on one truck along with quick assembly and disassembly in less than 15 minutes, make ESS First Response Mobile Containers the ultimate solution for saving valuable time in delivering significant infrastructure assets to the emergency and disaster locations.