Ask Us How You Can Start Your Mobile Self Storage Business Today!

PSM Management is a Leasing Company that was founded in 1978 and specializes in self storage and mobile self storage business management.

PSM offers an easy and affordable option to those who want to own a mobile self storage business:

  • Without overhead
  • Without storage and/or warehouse space
  • Without staffing
  • Without expenses, fees, or hidden charges

PSM Management leases your mobile container and pays you 10% annually whether it is rented or empty.
Self Storage is a $16.5 billion industry and Mobile Self Storage represents $2 billion of that. Mobile Self Storage is today what Self Storage was 30 years ago and continues to grow at a fast and steady rate.
Mobile Self Storage provides flexibility as its uses are not restricted. People from all walks of life can and will use Mobile Self Storage for:

  • Moving (local/long distance) as there are no time restraints
  • Temporary storage for renovations or repairs
  • Permanent storage

Mobile Self Storage is economical and the containers we use are manufactured with 90% recycled steel, making them eco-friendly.

PSM Management also manages/provides:

  • Cold Storage
  • Warehouses
  • Land Developments
  • Construction
  • Real Estate Investments