We use new custom built shipping containers to provide short and long-term self-storage services in various North American communities with an eye towards eventual expansion to other countries. The Eco Self Storage team has extensive experience in the storage business as well as good knowledge of the North American business climate. Due to the modular nature of the shipping container storage concept we will be able to provide well maintained self-storage units that will meet the shifting needs of both residential and business renters while leaving the underlying land untouched and unpolluted and ready for future use.

Benefits and Features:

  • The purchase of each container entitles you to secure rental revenue – without deductions for costs and overhead
  • All costs in respect of transport to one of our facilities are included in the purchase price as well as any costs pertaining to any modifications needed to make it ready for the end user.
  • You can sell or use your container (when a container is rented it will be available to you as soon as the renter vacates)
  • All containers have identification numbers also known as a serial or tracking numbers and your numbers are unique only to you.
  • Containers are maintained according to our strict specifications and regulations. We insist on keeping all containers in top physical condition and appearance.
  • There may be a tax benefit to you in connection with respect to depreciation and any expenses . Please seek the advice of your accounting professional to provide you guidance in this area.

Benefits of Using Shipping Containers for Self-Storage Rental Units:

  • Movable
  • Safe
  • Dry
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Designed to withstand decades in harsh conditions

End User Rental Market

Customer needs in the self-storage industry have certain similarities across different market segments. The underlying need is for a reliable, safe, dry and accessible self-storage facility. Residential customers use self-storage facilities to temporarily store their property while moving to a new location. This need originates in the mobility of the North American population and the affordability of rental accommodations. Residential downsizing and employment relocations during the current economic realities also contribute to the need for temporary self-storage. The other cluster of residential customers rents self-storage facilities for longer period to keep their oversize property or other equipment that does not fit in their garages or is not used on a constant basis.

Key to Success

  • To provide dry, secure, and clean facilities with convenient access.
  • To have good connections in the community to direct customers needing storage space.
  • To be able to adapt as storage and market needs change

As one of the important innovations of the past century, containerization is a system of intermodal freight transport using various size containers that are standardised by various organizatios like ISO ( International Organization for Standardization) and www.MS-SA.org (mobile self storage association) These can be loaded and sealed intact onto container ships, railroad cars, planes, and trucks. Containerization has revolutionized shipping. Today, approximately 90% of non-bulk cargo worldwide moves by containers . As of 2005, some 18 million total containers make over 200 million trips per year. 26% of all containers originate from China.

Built to withstand some of the harshest possible conditions (exposure to salt water, the wear and tear of global transport) the typical lifespan of a shipping container is 25 years. However, recycled and retooled for alternative purposes, these containers will face much milder conditions which will translate into a potential lifespan of 50-100 years.

How we are different:

  • 100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources and all the lighting is controlled by PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensors which automatically turn on and off with the arrival and departure of customers. This ensures that no lights are left on in the warehouse unnecessarily.
  • A portion of the proceeds is donated to organizations devoted to fostering sustainable lifestyle practices
  • We are planning for future partnerships for our used containers to be used for alternative housing

The Business of going green

The ‘green’ signal is on. Many of the world’s biggest companies now realise that the environment matters in business. But while many clean business approaches are part of the corporate social responsibility portfolio, companies have caught on to the other green that environmental practices can bring – that of profit.
Many people had the fundamental assumption that making money and doing the right thing for the environment cannot coexist. However, today we believe that it’s okay for a green business to make money. In fact, it’s more than okay – it’s essential. No matter how strong a company’s commitment is to the environment – unless it makes money, the company will disappear – and so will its opportunity to help the environment.
We believe we have found a way that is consistent with our values – social responsibility, protecting our environment – while still realising commercial success in an industry long known to be steadfast and essentially recession-proof. To that end, we are developing an eco-conscious self storage company that not only helps the environment – it also provides our partners with a better than average opportunity to participate in a growth industry.

Potential 1 Container 5 Containers 10 Containers 50 Containers 100 Containers
Rental Income
Annual Rental Income $ 250 $ 1,250 $ 2,500 $ 12,500 $ 25,000
(monthly rate $240)


Management and Related Fees $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0


$7,000 (CDN) per shipping container. This price includes a comprehensive management contract with us for the lifetime maintenance of your container and rental at your option.